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Other Specialty Services

Advanced Auto Detail Center offers a variety of specialty services.  These services include, Removal of Overspray, High Speed Buffing, Headlight Restoration and Odor Elimination.  Call us today for an appointment or a free estimate for one of these services.
Advanced Auto Detail Center also offers specialty services to help with the overall appearance of your automobile.  We remove all types of overspray such as; epoxy, urethane, polyurethane foam, soot, iron filings, industrial fallout, graffiti, cement, concrete sealers, cement and concrete splatters, and spray paint, just to name a few.  Come see us today for a free estimate!
High Speed Buffing
Advanced Auto Detail Center offers High Speed Buffing services to restore your vehicle’s original luster and improve your car’s overall appearance.  If you ignore little nicks and scratches, rust can form and this will not only less the beauty of the car but less it’s value as well.  Buffing can eliminate surface scratches and blemishes.  However, if done by someone that is inexperienced, your car can actually be damaged.  By buffing periodically, your car will maintain its finish longer.   Come in today and let the professionals take care of it!
Headlight Restoration
Advanced Auto Detail Center offers Headlight Restoral services.  Have you diagnosed yourself with night blindness?  It may just be your headlights.  UV rays as well as environmental factors can cause your lights to haze.  This haze reduces the effectiveness of your headlights, thereby compromising your night vision.  Let us make your headlights clear again!
Odor Elimination
Advanced Auto Detail Center eliminates odors instead of just covering them up.  Some odors are extremely difficult to remove yourself, such as smoke and pet odors.  Let the professionals sanitize your vehicle ridding it of any odors as well as germs.

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